When you open an account with Financial Services Advisory (FSA), we do not take custody of your assets. Accounts are always registered in your name.

FSA suggests that Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab) be your custodian. As one of the largest financially stable custodians in the country, it:

  • Provides regular statements showing all of your investments
  • Offers many different fund families
  • Constantly adds new funds for FSA to use
  • Offers thousands of mutual funds with no transaction fees
  • Offers other funds for nominal transaction fees

Upon opening your Schwab account, you authorize FSA, through a limited power of attorney, to:

  • Buy or sell securities within your account, according to your investment objective
  • Receive copies of your Schwab statement
  • Send you money from your account when you request it
  • Deduct management fees as outlined in the FSA Asset Management Agreement

What Are the FSA Fees?

Incremental fees are outlined in the FSA Asset Management Agreement and are computed as a percentage of the total value of all your accounts. To assure the lowest fee possible, FSA aggregates all household accounts. Our minimum annual fee is $2,500.